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Tutorial Tuesday, Flower Pot Card Box.

by on June 10, 2014

My daughter wanted a flower pot to be used as a card box for her recent wedding. Her theme was sunflowers and the wedding was to be held outdoors so I told her I would come up with something appropriate.

First I found a large plastic flower pot that would hold several cards plus leave room for the necessary hardware.


I cut a circle out of 1/4″ plywood, just large enough to cover the hole in the top of the pot.

Then I built a wooden framework inside the pot to support the top as well a hold a plastic pipe for the flower stems.


I made every effort to leave lots of room for the cards, so I kept the framework toward the back rather than in the center of the pot.

Concerned about the tippyness of the finished pot with flowers, I searched for something to weigh it down. Some old dumbbell weight plates were just right.


I attached the plastic pipe to my framework using a couple screws as well as some plastic zip ties. The top of the pipe would sick up just above the top of the plywood top when done. First I needed to make a hole in the plywood top. I used some carbon paper to mark where the hole needed to be and drilled it.


I also cut a slot for the cards to be inserted and I glued some magnets to the underside of the top to act as latches.

Some washers were screwed to the framework for the magnets to latch on to so the top wouldn’t move around.


A sheet of moss completed the top but I was afraid nobody could tell it was a card box. I added some molding on either side of the card slot and painted it yellow to go with the sunflowers.


All that was left was to cut the sunflower stems to a proper length and I was done.

I think the finished box turned out pretty well and it fit perfectly with the wedding theme.




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