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New Kids’ Activity Kits!

by on February 20, 2014

We have just received three new activity kits for kids ages five and over: Paint Your Own Russian Doll Trinket Boxes, 3D Art and Sock Puppet Monsters.

18777 Print

First up, Paint Your Own Russian Doll Trinket Boxes. This kit makes six Russian-nesting-doll-style trinket boxes with lids. The smallest is just under an inch; the largest is over three inches. This kit contains six ready-to-paint boxes, six paints, paint brush and instructions.

18811 3D Spiral art box 7

Create patterns with the 3D Art spiral drawing tool, then look at your designs with the included 3D Glasses  to see them pop up from the page. The kit contains a spiral tool set (one rectangular and five circular plates), a pair of 3D glasses, a felt-tip pen, a 16-page book of special 3d drawing paper, a 3D poster and instructions.

18775 sock monster_op

And last (but surely not least) is the Sock Puppet Monsters kit. Everything’s better with monsters, and now you can make your own monster sock puppets with this kit. There are enough pieces in this kit to make two sock puppets – two fuzzy socks, four googly eyes, a plastic yarn needle, four colors of yarn, a cardstock sheet of monster parts, double-sided tape and instructions. Also included are a cardboard scene and script for your first puppet show!

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