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Tutorial Tuesday – Tissue Paper Flowers

by on May 8, 2018

Hello all, and welcome to another Tutorial Tuesday. This time, we have a great craft you can do in time to give to mom on Mothers’ Day this Sunday! Mom will love a bouquet of these tissue paper flowers!

Materials –

  • Tissue paper in assorted colors
  • Buttons in assorted colors and styles (flat buttons work best)
  • Chenille stems (plain or bumpy, green or other colors)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Round items to trace (Masking tape, cups or cans work well)
  • Various embellishments (rhinestones, glitter glue, stickers, etc.)

Directions –

  1. paper_flowers_02Start with strips of tissue paper wide enough to cut your circle templates out of. Fold or stack them so several sheets are together – it is easier to cut multiple sheets at once.
  2. paper_flowers_03Trace and cut out circles. You will need at least six circles for each flower. You can use multiple colors in each flower; just stack the circles in the color order you choose.
  3. paper_flowers_04Poke a small hole in the center of each stack of circles.
  4. paper_flowers_05Thread chenille stem through the hole and push up about three inches.
  5. paper_flowers_06Thread the chenille stem through a hole in the button, then down through another hole and back through the tissue paper stack.
  6. paper_flowers_07Pull button tight against tissue stack and wrap the short end of the chenille stem around the longer end to fasten.
  7. paper_flowers_08paper_flowers_09
    Crinkle, separate and fluff up tissue to form the flower petals.
  8. paper_flowers_10Decorate or embellish as desired to make each flower unique.
  9. paper_flowers_11Gather several flowers together and tie with ribbon to make a bouquet. Alternately, you could place several in a basket, vase or other container.


Variations – Try different size circles –  or use crepe paper – for more varieties of flowers.

Thanks for reading! Check out our other tutorials!

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