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Staff Gift Picks 2015 – Games

by on November 20, 2015

Looking for a fun game to play with family and friends when you get together for the holidays? Or maybe you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves games? Here’s a list of our staff’s favorite games:



2 to 4 Players
Ages 6+

Use the magnetic wand to pick up one color (and *only* one color) of bells. The first player to collect all ten of the same color wins!

King’s Gold

2 to 6 players
Ages 8+

Steal the King’s treasure and become the richest pirate at sea! You earn coins by obtaining the best combination of dice rolls. Each turn provides the chance to steal gold from fellow pirates and the King; play shrewdly, and take it all for yourself!


2 to 4 players
Ages 7+

Object is to roll the 5 dice and choose the ones that offer the best combination. Encourages taking calculated chances and making strategic choices.


2 to 6 players
Ages 8+

Play the classic game of Monopoly with fun themes! A simplified kids’ version for ages 5-8 is also available in multiple themes. Roc-Opoly, the Rochester-themed game, will be available in December; pre-order yours here.


2-10 players
Ages 7+

The classic family card game. Points are scored by being the first to rid yourself of all the cards in your hand before your opponents. Be the first player to score 500 points.


TacDex – The Walking Dead

2 players
Ages 8+

TacDex IS WAR…LIKE YOU’VE NEVER PLAYED IT BEFORE! In The Walking Dead TacDex it’s survivors vs. walkers. The Battle Marker determines if high or low card wins each battle. Special Action Cards add new challenges so that no two games are ever the same.

Pass the Pigs

2 or more players
Ages 7+

Try your luck using pigs as dice! Roll the pigs as many times as you dare on your turn to score points. The position that the pigs fall in determines your score. Don’t roll a “Pig Out” or an “Oinker” or you’ll lose all your points! The first player to score 100 points wins.

Double Shutter

1-6 players
Ages 8+

Roll two dice, add the dots and find the best combination of numbers to shut two rows of nine tiles.


2 players
Ages 5+

Fastrack  is a fast-paced, action filled game that’s fun for everyone. Using the elastic cord, be the first player to propel all 10 wooden discks zooming through a small opening into the other side.


2 players
Ages 8+

The classic game of code making and code breaking!


beanboozled _3rd_2

Take the dare with the spinner wheel, then pick the jelly bean in the color the spinner lands on. It’s a dare for intrepid jelly bean eaters to take their chances on tasting lookalike wild or mild flavors.

Walking Dead RISK

2-6 players
Ages 13+

The Walking Dead Survival Edition Risk game allows players to vie to be the dominant group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world infested by the undead. Based upon the hit graphic novel series, The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead Risk forces players to fight for survival in a deadly game of conquest.

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