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Five Fun Travel Games and Activities

by on July 30, 2015

Taking a trip this Summer? Here are five great games and activities to take with you on your travels!

Magnetic games
are great to play in the car, in a hotel room, or at a campsite, since all of the pieces stick to the board, making them difficult to misplace!

The 3×3 Rubik’s Cube is a classic toy for a good reason – with 43 quintillion (that’s 43,000,000,000,000,000,000) possible combinations, it’ll keep anyone busy for a long time!

findit_to_go_outdoors findit_to_go_pets findit_to_go_things_go findit_to_go_treats
Find It to Go (available in four fun varieties) is an awesome self-contained game. Shake, spin and twist it to find all the items listed on the top of the game.

Melissa & Doug Water Wow activity books use plain water in a special pen to color and draw on its pages. The image fades when the water dries, and then the pages can be drawn on again!

The Breyer Horse Crazy activity set is full of fun horse-themed items – stamps, stickers, a drawing pad, coloring sheets, markers, crayons, and a pencil case to hold all the small stuff!

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