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Tutorial Tuesday – Tri-bead Christmas Ornaments

by on December 3, 2013

Happy December, and Happy Tuesday! Today’s Tuesday Tutorial is an oldie but a goodie – Tri-bead Christmas ornaments!


You need:

  • Tri-beads in red, green and clear
  • 3mm silver chenille stems, 12″ long
  • 1/4″ red satin ribbon
  • Tacky glue
  • Gold or silver thread
  • Scissors
  • Pliers with wire cutters (optional, but a good idea)

Candy Canes:

1. Take one chenille stem. Fold in half and cut. One 6″ piece will make one candy cane; you can use the second half to make another candy cane, or set aside to use in the next pattern.

2. The ends of the chenille stem are a bit poke-y at this point. Here’s how to fix it: Fold up the end (less than 1/4″) and press flat against the rest of the chenille stem. Press flat, so the tri-beads will still go over the end. Repeat on other side. Pliers will help with this step. If you are doing this project with small children, do these first two steps for them.

3. Put one tri-bead on the end of the chenille stem.

Press the end over the side of the bead to hold the bead on.

4. Alternating red and clear beads, slide the next bead on the chenille stem. The lobes of one bead will fit in the notches of the next bead.


Continue putting the beads on the chenille stem until you have 24 of each.

5. Fold over the end over the last bead.

6. Bend a curve in the top of the candy cane.


Christmas wreath:

1. Follow steps 1 and 2 of the Candy Cane instructions to prepare one 6″ length of chenille stem.

2. Slide green tri-beads onto the chenille stem.

Again, the lobes of one bead will fit into the notches of the next bead.


Slide a total of 45 green tri-beads onto the chenille stem, so that an even amount of the chenille stem sticks out on each side.

3. Curve into a circle.


4. Twist the two ends of the chenille stem together to close the circle. It’s easiest to do this with pliers.

5. Cut a 12″ piece of ribbon and angle the ends.

Seal the ends with glue (or your favorite method, if you have one) so they don’t fray.

6. Run a thin line of glue around where the two ends meet.

Tie the center of the ribbon around the glue line, covering the end of the chenille stem as you do so.

Dot glue over the knot.

Finish tying the ribbon in a bow over the glue.

7. Cut a 6″ length of thread. Tie on the wreath for a hanger.



Make an icicle! Use 30 clear tri-beads. Turn a loop in the end, and use the thread to make a hanger.

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