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Tutorial Tuesday – Foam Stamps

by on October 1, 2013

Welcome to another Tutorial Tuesday! Today we’ll be showing the absolute easiest way to make your own custom rubber stamp.


You need:

  • a sheet of 6mm craft foam
  • a sheet of 2mm sticky-back craft foam (or regular 2mm craft foam and craft glue)
  • small, sharp scissors with pointed tips
  • larger scissors suitable for cutting paper
  • a pencil


1. First, you need images for your stamps. Big, blocky shapes work best for this. I found the above images by Googling ‘cat silhouette clip art’ and ‘dog silhouette clip art,’ respectively. The cupcake later in this post was also found with this method. Also check out what images can be found in your computer’s clip art – The swirl image later in this post came from my word processing program’s clip art.

Note: If you are using an image that has a right side (you favorite football team’s logo, for example) or writing, reverse the image before printing.


You can also draw your own. Just remember to go for simple, blocky shapes.


2. Flip the paper over and rub the side (not the point) of the pencil lead over the back of the entire image. You may wish to go over the image a second time in a different direction to lay down more lead.


3. Place the paper right side up on the paper backing of your sticky-backed craft foam. Draw around the image, pressing hard with your pencil to transfer your image to the paper backing on the foam.


4. With your small scissors, cut out the foam along the transferred pencil line. Be sure to keep the scissors and foam at right angles to each other; this will keep the edge of the stamp square and give a crisp stamped image. Try to avoid pressing your fingernails into the foam while cutting out.

foam_stamps_07Completed sticky-back foam pieces.


5. Place the completed shape on the 6mm foam. Cut out a rectangle slightly larger than your sticky-back shape. Peel off the paper backing and stick the sticky foam to the thick foam – Press firmly to ensure that they’re stuck together. Or, if you’re using regular foam and craft glue, spread the glue thinly on the foam shape and stick onto the thick foam; let dry.

foam_stamps_10(Dinosaur, fez and bow tie shapes courtesy of Maria.)

Finished! If you’re using sticky foam, you can use your stamp right away.


To use your stamps, press the stamp to the surface of a stamp pad. Alternately, if you have a small stamp pad, dab the ink pad all over the surface of the stamp to ink evenly. Press the inked stamp on paper.


Decorate your stamped image with markers or pens. You can also use multiple stamps together.


A cupcake with sprinkles and a fez. Because fezzes are cool.

Use multiple stamps in multiple colors to make gift wrap or a background for a scrapbooking page.       

Don’t miss a single riveting tutorial! Bookmark our tutorial page and check back on Tuesdays for new ones.

Is there a tutorial you want to see? Leave a comment!

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